William Ballard and Delaney Crissinger Passed Out Video Footage

Florida couple passed out in car with two kids in backseat A Sarasota couple is in custody after being caught on camera passed out in their SUV with two young children in the backseat.

Chris Quinn captured the video.

“These two (bleeped out) are nodded out and they’ve got two little kids in the back of the car,” Quinn can be heard saying on the video.

William Ballard was in the driver’s seat and was in the front passenger seat, both passed out with a trove of drugs in the vehicle.

Two girls were in the backseat. One was 18 months old, the other was five months old.

Security cameras revealed that the couple had pulled into the gas station parking lot hours earlier.

Police say they found meth and heroin ready for sale. They also found a syringe filled with brown liquid right next to a bottle of baby formula.

It was a similar scene to last fall when an Ohio couple passed out with two kids in the back of their car last fall.

Ballard told deputies that he recently lost his job and was selling drugs to make money. He admitted to using meth before pulling into the gas station.

The children are with relatives and expected to be okay.

The parents are being held at Sarasota County Jail on drug and child neglect charges

William Ballard and Delaney Crissinger Mug Shots

William Ballard and Delaney Crissinger passed out Drugs

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