Unconscious Man Cut Down From Chairlift in Colorado

Credit: Tube99
Unconscious man hanging by neck from chairlift cut down by stranger in shocking video A man is recovering after he was left hanging unconscious on a chairlift at the Arapahoe Basin in Colorado.

According to the Denver Post, a professional slackliner just happened to witness the ordeal and managed to scale the cables to cut him free.

Mickey Wilson has won Red Bull competitions for slacklining. He posted on Facebook Wednesday sharing photos of the incident.

“Today I saved someone’s life,” Wilson wrote on Facebook.

In the post, he explained that he planned to ski alone Wednesday morning, but ran into friends.

Together, they rode a ski lift to the top of a hill when something went terribly wrong: one man’s backpack got stuck in the chair lift. Wilson said he was a friend of a friend.

“The backpack had wrapped around his neck and he was unconscious, dangling 10 feet above the snow,” Wilson explained.

The ski lift operator stopped the lift. Several people tried to form a “human pyramid” to save the man but were unable to reach him.

“Panic was becoming terror as we realized we were about to watch our friend die in front of our helpless eyes,” Wilson wrote. “Then I had a eureka moment.”

Wilson climbed the lift tower and scaled the cables to the trapped man. He said it was effortless.

“I knew my slackline experience prepared me perfectly for this so I burst into action. I climbed the tower and slid down to the the chair,” wrote Wilson.

By then, snow patrol had arrived and managed to throw Wilson a knife to cut the man’s backpack.

“Thankfully they were able to restore his breathing, ski him down to the base, and get him into an ambulance which rushed him to the hospital in Denver,” Wilson wrote.

Wilson told the Denver Post that he Facetimed with the man later that day, and other than a neck brace he appeared to be fine.

“It was one of the most scary things I’ve ever seen, honestly,” Wilson said.