LINK: Police Officer Brian Faustina Investigated Over Protester Punching Comments

Anti-Trump Protester Punched In DC

Port Authority officials are looking into the online activity of an agency cop after a Facebook post of his surfaced in which he praised the punching of anti-Trump protesters during the inauguration in Washington, DC.
ProPublica reports that Brian Faustina, a 22-year veteran of the Port Authority Police Department, shared the video of an altercation between black bloc anarchists and a man who said he was trying to get to work on January 23rd. His caption, according to the site: “Grow up bitches and get a job.”
In the video, the man who claims he has a job to get to tells the masked anarchists blocking his path, “You guys are crying bitches that you lost,” then barges through the linked arms of the demonstrators. One of the smaller protesters seems to take a swing at the man after he breaks through, and he pops her in the face. Moments later, as one of her comrades yells about how the commuter “just hit a fuckin’ woman,” the man mashes his hand into the now-unmasked female protester’s face a second time. Credit: gothamist


Images: Brian Faustina


Anti-Trump protests are already getting violent — and we got this crazy video of a fight breaking out on the street, with a woman getting assaulted in Washington, D.C. … just one block from the inauguration.

Anti-Trump Protester Punched In DC

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