Gunn Narten Could Be Norway’s Hottest Firefigher

Is this the world’s HOTTEST firefighter? Norwegian emergency service worker who moonlights as a personal trainer attracts an army of loyal followers online thanks to her good looks and fitness tips
Gunn Narten, 30, works as a fire fighter and personal trainer in Norway
She is now so strong that she is able to lift a fire truck up unaided
Has almost 50,000 Instagram followers thanks to her fitness tips
A female fire fighter has built up an army of Instagram followers thanks to her good looks and fitness tips.
As well as saving lives Gunn Narten, 30, from Norway, works as a personal trainer and is so strong she can even lift a fire truck.
The firefighter says that people are often taken aback by her profession but it was her ambition for years.
When I applied for the job in the fire department my mom said: “I have never heard of a female firefighter before…why you?” And I answered: “why not me?”
‘Most people think it’s cool and inspiring – it’s not common to be a female firefighter so people get a little confused when I tell them what I do. Overall people are positive and curious.’
‘For me, being a firefighter is normal – my friends tell me I have ‘boy humour’ and I think I’m a little more ‘handy’ than most girls.

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