Fat Squirrel bites off more than he can chew

I’ve been video taping my neighbourhood squirrels, about 7 of them, that are large and small, young and old. They’ve been going into a large glass jar to get a nut snack. I used a jar because I am designing a squirrel-proof bird-feeder and I wanted to know the smallest size opening or hole that a squirrel could get through . I then wanted to integrate that into the bird feeder to prevent squirrels from getting to the bird seed. Let the birds get to the seed, but not the squirrels. As you will see by their size, squirrels get a lot of food naturally. Given the chance, they will empty a bird feeder in a day. This becomes very costly. The jar opening is 3″ (7.5cm) without the lid on. So what I did was I reduced the size of the opening by 1/4″ (6mm) each day with a progressively smaller ring. I took time to make sure each ring was sanded smooth, with no sharp edges, so the squirrels wouldn’t be injured in any way. I was amazed how they never gave up trying to get to that snack. I thought beforehand that they’d try to get in and if they couldn’t, they’d just leave. I was surprised how they persistently and relentlessly kept trying to make their way in to get to the nuts.
The jar was never left unattended. I was steps away. I removed the ring from the jar if I was leaving the house. I found it interesting that even though they struggled to get to the food, and had a hard time getting out, they kept coming back and going in, even though they had been through what they had been through the day before.
It shows survival instinct at its best. This is why they’ve survived millions of years. Remember, in the natural world, animals, and squirrels, get stuck in bad places all the time, and we’re not always there to document them.
As the squirrel was having a hard time getting out, I realized that if I unscrewed the lid, he would then be running around with a lid around it’s waist! That wasn’t an option. Second option, If I tried to pull him out, it would most certainly bite a large chunk of my finger off. They have very powerful jaws. After consideration, I knew that if he got in, he would get out. I had to wait it out.


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