Brawl breaks out during high school basketball game in Texas


KATY, Tex. – An all-out brawl between two Texas high schools broke out during a basketball game and it was caught on cell phone video.

It happened in Katy, Texas on Friday night when Katy High School played Tompkins. The game was just about to end when suddenly, students took the court.

Cell phone video shows what happened next when fans, students, and players from both schools started brawling. Some of the students were students were in uniforms while others were dressed in cowboy attire.

“The rowdy section as I call them, which is the student section, essentially came partially onto the floor”, says Stacey Nolen.

Nolen was watching the game and witnessed the fight. When it exploded, he pulled out his phone and opened Snapchat to record the video.

The reason for the fight is unclear at this time.

The school district put out a statement regarding the brawl:

“The District is greatly disappointed in the decisions taken by our players, which have now circulated on some social media platforms. At Katy ISD, the safety of all students and staff is top priority, and we will work to ensure these types of incidents to not occur again. We ask parents to join us as we use this as an opportunity to teach our students better sportsmanship and self-discipline.”
Nolen says that although he believes this was an isolated incident, it upsets him.

“Does it bother me? Sure it does, everyone that lives in Katy knows that Katy is growing fast, it’s growing so fast, as it’s growing so fast, what I think ends up happening and what is different from other communities in other places, is that divide of north Katy and south Katy, there is a divide there”, says Nolen.