Adrian Peterson Gives Road Rage Advice to Reporter Who Doesn’t Recognize Him

A reporter in Houston had one job to do — interview a regular person walking down the street. Instead, he scored an interview with the NFL superstar every sports reporter has questions for.

Reporter John Donnelly set out to take the pulse of the public on the topic of road rage.

One of the people Donnelly stopped on the street happened to be future Adrian Peterson, who was just released by the Minnesota Vikings.

But Connelly doesn’t figure that out until he’s wrapping up the interview.

“You know, swerving in front of people or speeding up, trying to catch up to people, you never know what people… how they’ll react to it,” Peterson says.

That’s when Connelly asks his name.

“Wait a minute. You’re not…?”

“Yeah,” Peterson laughs.

Connelly posted the video on Facebook with the caption, “Here I am interviewing people on the street and not realizing I’d stopped a celebrity. Enjoy the awkwardness!”

Peterson becomes a free agent on March 9.

Fox Sports listed seven teams that should consider signing Peterson.

It appears Donnelly didn’t ask Peterson about his plans for the future.

Peterson is spending his off season working out in Houston. (He’s not affiliated with the Texans.)

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