Ross LeBeau Wrongly Arrested after kitty litter mistaken for meth

HOUSTON — “They thought they had the biggest bust in Harris County. This was the bust of the year for them,” Ross Lebeau said.

It was a traffic stop in early December that led to the discovery of almost half a pound of methamphetamine — or so says the news release the Harris County Sheriff’s Office sent out, KTRK reported.

A photo of the find and a mug shot of the alleged dealer, Ross Lebeau, was included, which led to news coverage that spread quickly

“People have been calling me a kingpin or drug lord,” Lebeau said. “I was freaking out.”

Lebeau was fingerprinted and booked into jail, where he spent three days.

“I think they were quick to judgement,” Lebeau’s attorney, George Reul, said.

Reul then started talking to prosecutors about what was really in the car.

“They were a little skeptical.”

Lebeau says the substance was cat litter inside a sock.

His father left one in his car and gave another one to his sister for her car; it’s supposed to keep the windows from fogging up.

The problem is two field tests done by deputies came back positive for meth. A third, by the county’s forensic lab, revealed it was not a controlled substance, and this week the case was dismissed.

Lebeau says the accusation has caused him to lose work not to mention the embarrassment.

“Where do I go to build my reputation back?”

He and his attorney don’t blame the deputies, rather the field tests.

“Ultimately it might be bad testing equipment they need to re-evaluate,” Reul said.

“I would like an apology,” Lebeau said.

For now, Lebeau will work to expunge his record, but what’s online may never go away.

“I was wrongly accused. I’m going to do everything in my power to clear my name.”

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