Pedro Viloria Went ‘Hero Mode’ at McDonald’s to Save Woman

DORAL, FL (WSVN/CNN) – A McDonald’s employee has been hailed as a hero for helping an off-duty police officer in medical distress, and the incident was caught on surveillance video.

“I never panicked. I never panicked at all,” said Pedro Viloria. “My brain was on hero mode. Totally.”

Viloria, 22, served one heck of a Happy Meal on Tuesday morning at the McDonald’s where he works.

“I thought immediately, ‘Something’s going wrong with that woman now, and I’ve got to do something to help her,'” he said.

He was working the drive-thru when an off-duty Miami-Dade officer pulled through with her kids. She was having a medical emergency, and Viloria didn’t hesitate to help.

He hopped out of the window and ran to her car, where she had lost consciousness.

The officer was taken to an area hospital, where she is listed in critical condition. No one has publicly revealed what caused the medical emergency.

“Her kids were screaming, like, ‘Mother, mother! Stop it! Mother, what are you doing?'” he said.

Another camera shows what appears to be the officer’s car rolling forward. Inside, an off-duty Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue officer also was at the McDonald’s.

He ran to assist the officer, too, but it was Viloria who alerted everyone.

“I thought if these kids lose their mother today, that’s going to be tragic,” Viloria said.

Thanks to his quick actions, that didn’t happen.

“It is what a hero does,” he said. “If I needed to die to save that woman, I would have done it.”

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