How to stop anyone from snoring

How to stop anyone from snoring:
1. Film them snoring
2. Play it back for them with the volume up
3. Put it on Youtube and tag me
Shown here on our adorable dog

Lake Constance

The Confusing Borders of Lake Constance

If you’re sitting on a boat in Lake Constance, are you in three countries at once? Or just in one? Does it even matter? Because strangely, it turns out there are parts of the world where no-one really minds when international borders are not just ignored, but are completely undefined.

Link: An Overview Guide to Leather Grades

In the world of heritage/reproduction products with a focus on quality and sustainability, leather is right up there as one of the most commonly seen materials. Brands like Tanner Goods and Corter Leather champion hand-made goods that should last years and years. However, anyone looking to buy should be aware of what they’re paying for when it comes to leather products, and that means knowing at least a handful of the different grades of leather.

We’d like to set it straight for those confused by all the options out there. Although the below list does not include every last kind of leathers, it features the different quality grades every consumer should know before making a purchase.

Trump, China, and the Ties That Bind

As we sped toward downtown Hangzhou, past hulking construction projects that could each rival the skylines of most American cities, my cab driver seemed stumped. “Shengzhou? Where is that?” he asked me, amazed to encounter an American who hadn’t come to Hangzhou for its Buddhist temples or pagoda-lined West Lake. I had flown into his cosmopolitan city instead for its bus station, from which I would take a two-hour trip to a nearby town he’d never heard of. “What on earth are you doing there?”
Credit: racked

Noah hits 240 green lights

Noah Forman is a NYC ride-share driver and used to drive a yellow cab. Here he attempts a record run at hitting consecutive green lights while driving in Manhattan NY. He gets an estimated 240 of them. (News sources actually counted and came up with 236 green lights). What the record is we have no idea. But I’m going to call it this run of 240 of them unless someone shows us video proof of someone beating this one.

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Truck Crashes Through Home Leaving a Big Hole

Occurred on December 29, 2016 / Waco, Texas, USA

“A gentleman diagnosed with diabetes one week prior had been given a new prescription that hadn’t been agreeing with him. This was the outcome of his first blackout. He left the roadway, through a field, a tree, a fence, into my master bedroom, through my back yard about 100yds and through the back property fence before resting to a stop. He doesn’t remember any of it. His GMC Sierra took it very well with all airbags deploying and the driver suffered no injuries from the accident. He hit the house at an estimated 60mph and traveled 150yds further.”

Buddy Won’t Go Through Open Doorway

Buddy ran into this glass door once, and he wouldn’t come through without me closing the door and opening it in front of him for a good week. This is one of the times I decided to record it, and boy am I glad I did!
Credit: Brittany Gaunt

Realistic Scenery on a Model Railroad

Adding realistic paved roads to your model railroad is much easier than it looks! In this simple tutorial I step you through all the techniques and methods for adding a great looking country road to your scenery.
These roads look fantastic and it doesn’t take much to add some great looking details like cracks, road repairs and realistic looking road shoulders. This technique applies to any scale whether it’s HO, N, 1/35th scale wargaming or even architectural modeling, the techniques are the same.

Documentary: The Forger

As a teenager, Adolfo Kaminsky saved thousands of lives by forging passports to help children flee the Nazis. He spent his life helping others escape atrocities around the world.
Credit: The New York Times

Rescue of a VW 1955 Panelvan

AirMapp & Serial Kombi present “RESURRECTION”, a short movie about the found and the rescue of my 1955 panelvan. It was abandonned deep in a french alps valley since at least 40 years and we pulled it out of the forest in september 2016 by “restoring” it on site and driving it down the mountain !
Hope you will enjoy this video.
Music list at the end of the movie.
Filmed with 5D mark II, GoPro Hero4 black edition and a 3DR solo drone.