Scott’s back on the New York City subway with a new batch of book covers, and this time – it’s PERSONAL! And very political. Because, President Trump? For real? WTF guys??

Peeqo - The GIF Bot

Peeqo – The GIF Bot


The world’s first and (currently) only robot to respond entirely through GIFs, this little bot is a fun desktop assistant for those who spend way too many hours in front of the computer and often need some delight and entertainment to get through the day.
Credit: Abhishek Singh

The Fisherman by Luke Saunders

The Fisherman by Luke Saunders


A series of serendipitous events lead to an unlikely encounter and the fulfilling of an old man’s last earthly desire.

Italian Greyhound’s New Boots


Sterling, my baby Iggy trying out her new boots at the office. (we live in New England and the snow and the salt on the walkways in the winter burn her little feet – the hope is that the boots will protect them… If she can learn to walk in them!) She runs, (or tries to run) to the door when I announce the UPS person, because UPS gives her cookies. She did get plenty of cookies after for being such a sport. ☺️
Credit: Sterling The Iggy

Mountain Hares Battle Over Female


Watch rare footage of Mountain Hares in Scotland go toe to toe as they battle it out for a mate.

Keen photographer, and full time whisky distillery worker, Alister Kemp, 50, from Evanton, Scotland captured the boxing Hares just north of the Cairngorm National Park.

This is a hard-to-get glimpse Mountain Hares are Boxing during mating season in competition for a mate.

Alister said: “As always, I feel privileged to spend time in presence of these truly amazing animals in their natural environment.

“The day I took these photos was extra special as they seemed totally oblivious to me being there. At times running past me within a few meters.”