Snake Out For a Drive

Occurred on January 3, 2017 / Mundoo Island, Australia

“I was driving home to our cattle station from a day in the city with my 14 year old daughter and was about an hour from our island when a snake popped up out of my bonnet, right in front of me. I was frightened out of my wits. I swore, which startled my daughter more than the snake did! I was travelling at 100km/h so had to make many important decisions in a split second. After a couple of minutes I called my husband, who is a farmer, and asked his advice. He laughed at me but when he heard the tone of my voice he decided I was telling the truth and took my news seriously! I asked him to call the dealer from whom we had bought the car to find out how we could stop the snake from moving from the engine well into the actual interior of the car. My husband called me back and said to shut all the vents and turn the air conditioner onto recirculate. He also suggested that I continue on homewards – an hour away! My daughter sat with her legs crossed on her front seat and kept checking around my legs on the accelerator using the torch on her phone. The snake popped his head and about 4 inches of his body out every 15 minutes or so. As much as it frightened me each time he did it I was given comfort that he was still under the bonnet and not trying to get into the interior of the car. It was a terrifying hour’s drive and when I finally reached our island home I parked the car in the middle of a paddock, turned the engine off, hopped out and watched with horror as my husband lifted the bonnet and grabbed the snake by the tail to pull it out. The snake was too strong and buried himself deeper in the engine well. I quietly suggested that we shut the bonnet and assess it in the morning – which we did. In the morning my husband lifted the bonnet and the snake was up on top of the engine. I photographed him and then he slid back down into the engine again. There are so many black pipes in new cars that it makes it really difficult to see where he is. We will have another look in the morning. My car is still in the middle of the paddock! I have many snake encounters on our cattle station, in fact I trod on a Tiger snake only 4 weeks ago whilst hooking up a trailer to my car, but the snake in my bonnet was totally unexpected and frightened the living daylights out of me!”

Faraday Future FF 91

The Faraday Future FF 91

A first look at the Faraday Future FF 91. Aerodynamically crafted and aesthetically unmistakable, our first production vehicle is a singular convergence between otherworldly form and interconnected function.

Frozen Lake Free Dive

Under the icy cloak of the Canadian winter, Matthew Villegas finds himself in an aquatic wonderland as he free dives to the depths of Morrison quarry, in Quebec, Canada.

How to stop anyone from snoring

How to stop anyone from snoring:
1. Film them snoring
2. Play it back for them with the volume up
3. Put it on Youtube and tag me
Shown here on our adorable dog

Lake Constance

The Confusing Borders of Lake Constance

If you’re sitting on a boat in Lake Constance, are you in three countries at once? Or just in one? Does it even matter? Because strangely, it turns out there are parts of the world where no-one really minds when international borders are not just ignored, but are completely undefined.

Link: An Overview Guide to Leather Grades

In the world of heritage/reproduction products with a focus on quality and sustainability, leather is right up there as one of the most commonly seen materials. Brands like Tanner Goods and Corter Leather champion hand-made goods that should last years and years. However, anyone looking to buy should be aware of what they’re paying for when it comes to leather products, and that means knowing at least a handful of the different grades of leather.

We’d like to set it straight for those confused by all the options out there. Although the below list does not include every last kind of leathers, it features the different quality grades every consumer should know before making a purchase.

Trump, China, and the Ties That Bind

As we sped toward downtown Hangzhou, past hulking construction projects that could each rival the skylines of most American cities, my cab driver seemed stumped. “Shengzhou? Where is that?” he asked me, amazed to encounter an American who hadn’t come to Hangzhou for its Buddhist temples or pagoda-lined West Lake. I had flown into his cosmopolitan city instead for its bus station, from which I would take a two-hour trip to a nearby town he’d never heard of. “What on earth are you doing there?”
Credit: racked