Man with a Hockey Mask Grabs Cefaan Kim During Live Broadcast

Man with a Hockey Mask Grabs TV Reporter Live on TV in NYC and then sucker punches him. The reporter, an army veteran, held his ground and didn’t back down. The bizarre clash happened when Cefaan Kim was finishing a report on an attempted rape in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.
As he was saying his closing remarks around 11pm on Friday, a belligerent man wearing a hockey mask put his arm around Kim’s neck, reported the New York Daily News.
‘Put the camera on me,’ he said as the cameraman steered the shot away from the altercation.
Kim, a US Army Reserve sergeant, and the stranger began to struggle, and the masked man pushed and shoved him to the point where he was knocked to the ground.
The reporter quickly got back on his feet and confronted the man, whose mask had come off. However, another WABC employee and a witness kept the two apart.

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