Korean Grandma Assaulted by Racist “White Power” Alexis Duvall

Korean Grandma Assaulted by racist “White Power” Woman in Koreatown Attack. 인종 차별적 인 백인 권력자에 의해 습격당하는 한국 할머니
An attack on a woman in Koreatown had the community reeling Thursday.
The woman, described as the neighborhood grandmother who would walk past businesses and say “hello” to everyone around her, was pushed to the ground by a woman running past her as she walked along Western Avenue near Oakwood Avenue Wednesday afternoon, surveillance video shows.
The video, obtained from a local dry cleaners, appears to show a younger woman push the older woman to the ground and take off running.
Cellphone video shot after the incident shows the older woman bloodied as glass from her eyeglasses appears to have pierced her face.
A 27-year-old woman was arrested in connection with the incident, the Los Angeles Police Department said. The woman was detained after a customer leaving a hair salon saw the attack and chased the woman down.
The good Samaritan came back and told the salon owner Young Sun Lee what he had done.
“He told me, ‘Ma’am, I caught the crazy lady.’ I commended him and he said. ‘Of course, it was something I had to do,'” Lee.
LAPD said they don’t yet know of a motive behind the attack but it appears the attacker may suffer from mental illness.

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