Joseph Tyler Pendergrass Violently Attacking Shih Tzu in Florida

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office’s of is searching for Joseph Pendergrass who is wanted for swinging a shih tzu at the facility he works at in the air and slamming the dog down breaking its leg.
Shocking video shows animal shelter worker swinging shih tzu around his head by its leash and then SLAMMING it on the ground before kicking it and breaking its leg
Police say Joseph Tyler Pendergrass is wanted on felony animal cruelty charges
Video from the Florida animal shelter shows the dog being attacked on Sunday
Pendergrass also appeared to viciously kick the dog in the shocking footage
The disgusting moment when a man swung a dog through the air by its leash before slamming it into the ground has been captured on camera in Florida.
Police say Joseph Tyler Pendergrass is the man seen in the footage recorded at a animal shelter in Brevard County – east of Orlando, on Sunday.
The disturbing footage starts by showing Pendergrass – who works at the facility – walk into the shot as the dog’s leash is trailing behind him.
He then swings the dog, which police say is a shih tzu, into the air with his left arm before belting it into the concrete.
The video then shows the dog being violently dragged towards the edge of the shot, where it is then lifted into the air for a second time by the leash.
It also appears as though Pendergrass kicks the dog before taking it through a door into another part of the shelter.
The dog suffered a broken leg in the attack. Owners of the shelter called police immediately after seeing the footage.
Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey spoke about the despicable attack in a video released by the department.
‘How someone can do this to an animal is inconceivable, and quite frankly, alarming,’ Ivey said.

Police are searching for Florida man Joseph Tyler Pendergrass.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey is asking the public for assistance in locating Joseph Tyler Pendergrass, who is wanted for Cruelty To Animals. – READ MORE

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