Brandon Ramiro Cantu Caught Car Jacking Police Car in Houston

Credit: abc13
HOUSTON, Texas — A shirtless man tried to break into a store, but instead, drives off with a Harris County Precinct 6 SUV.

It happened after an attempted break-in on South Wayside overnight.

In the video from the store, you can see the shirtless suspect, identified by investigators as Brandon Ramiro Cantu, walk to the door of the SUV, get in and sit for about 15 to 20 seconds before he calmly backs out of the parking lot, and drives off.

He apparently hid nearby and after the Precinct 6 SUV showed up, the man waited until the deputies were inside the store to steal the SUV.

The deputy constable apparently left the car running and unlocked, although he may have thought it was locked.

Cantu allegedly ran to his ex-wife’s house, assaulted her and another man, then ran away.

Eyewitness News reporter Jeff Ehling spoke to the woman who was assaulted after the SUV was stolen…..


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