90 Year Old Crushing His Pull Up Workout

This is my Dad. It’s his birthday today and he’s 90. We go to the gym regularly and he loves to do pullups! I think he does pretty good considering he broke both elbows as a kid.

For those who wonder how he broke his elbows, he was messing around with another guy much bigger, both had ahold of a broom stick with both hands, the other guy slammed his elbows down into the pavement. It was just fooling around, but it limits now some of his range of motion – you know, with pain and all that.

This is the Anytime Fitness in Haines City, FL. He ususally goes Sun, Tues and Thu about 3pm. Or sometimes the one on Lake Wilson Rd, Davenport.

His name is Vern. Tweet him some birthday love @VernyBoyG

Credit: https://youtu.be/wzJwIOYgefg

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